Class Attendance & Examination Regulation

Class Attendance / Missing the Examination

    1. To be eligible to take the midterm and final examinations, the students must attend at least 80 percent of the course.
    2. The students who miss the midterm exam with/without valid reasons will not be allowed to take a reschedule exam, but could still pass the course if they do well in the final exam.
    3. The students who miss the final exam could appeal the request to take reschedule according to the following reasons:
      1. Having a serious accident, severe sickness or admission into hospital. A doctor’s certificate is required to prove all reasons.
      2. The death of the student’s loved one (parents, guardian, spouse or children). Death certificate is required.

Note :

    1. All the required documents must be submitted to be acknowledged by the director within 3 days after the final exam. If the students fail to do so, they have to withdraw the subject beyond the deadline.
    2. The permission will be approved by the University committee.

Examination Regulation

The students must

  1. Wear proper KBU uniform.
  2. Show their student ID before entering the examination room.
  3. Must request for a permit to sit for the examination from the Office of the Registrar in case of the loss of student ID.

Cheating on an Examination

  1. Earn an F in all courses taken on that semester and be suspended for the next semester, or
  2. Be terminated and lose their student status, or
  3. Be sanctioned in accordance with the disciplinary committee’s decision or recommendation.