Important notes

Importance notes for students

Registration, Class Attendance, and examination

  1. I will obtain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 in order to be eligible for the visa extension.
  2. I will obtain at least 80% of class attendance of all courses registered of the present semester in order to be eligible for the visa extension.
  3. I will secure my Student ID card, Registrar System Account, and Internet Access Account
  4. I will monitor course enrollment period, including adding and withdrawing period
  5. I will contact advisor for course enrollment
  6. I will monitor the deadline of tuition payment (fine is applied and no seat for final exam)
  7. I will check for the examination date, venue, time, seat number of each course on Registrar Office website (choose study time table option) a week prior to exam period
  8. I will login to Registrar Office website for checking progress of my program completion
  9. I will monitor the verification progress of my high school diploma (for student who expected the degree).
  10. I will monitor the graduation registration period and register for graduation.


  1. I will pay the rental fee within the 5th of every month (the bill will be available in the 25th of the month)
  2. I will notify Office of Residential Hall 30 days prior to the move out date


  1. I will submit all required documents pertaining to educational qualification for admission.
  2. I will report any change of address, phone number, email, to the University within 3 days of the residing at the new address or acquire new contact information.
  3. I will report to the International Student Office of the University with passport after renewal visa, obtain new passport, 90 days report
  4. I will report to the Office of Immigration Bureau for 15 days prior to the 90th day of staying in the Kingdom of Thailand or 7 days after such period. (90 days report)
  5. I will submit passport to the International Affairs Office of the University for the visa extension at least one month prior to expiration date.
  6. I will submit a request for Re-Entry Permit at Immigration Bureau before leaving Thailand
  7. I will ask landlord to notify my stay to the immigration Bureau within 24 hours after I check in to hotel, other residents, or return to dorm.
  8. I will submit the necessary form (s) at least 1 month prior to the date of the requested termination of the visa upon a completion of program of study.