Code of Conduct

KBU students must strictly comply with the following University’s regulations:
  1. Wear student uniform during classes and proper clothes while in campus.
  2. Behave well and honor the university in every possible way.
  3. Be well mannered and respectful to the administrators, faculty members staffs, university guests, and fellow students.
  4. Attend classes for at least 80 percents of the total hours; otherwise the students are requested to drop the classes.
  5. Submit the letter when taking a sick leave or an errand.
  6. Submit the medical certificate to the advisor after taking sick leave for more than 3 days.
  7. Respect and follow the instruction of the instructor.
  8. Must not enter or leave the class without the instructor’s permission.
  9. Must not drink alcohol, take drugs, or bring those substances in the campus.
  10. Must not involve in gambling.
  11. Must not bring any weapons at all time.
  12. Must not damage the university’s property.