Graduation & Commencement


In order to graduate, the students must
  1. Complete all required credits of the program and earn a GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  2. Access the online registration for graduation and submit necessary documents at the Office of the Registrar in the last semester of the program.

Graduation with Honour

First Class Honour
Cum GPA not less than 3.50
Second Class Honour
Cum GPA not less than 3.25

Graduation Registration

For those who plan to graduate, you are required to follow the steps below;
  1. Monitor the graduation registration period
  2. Enter URL:
  3. Click on “EN” to change language
  4. Click on “Graduation Request”
  5. Enter Student ID Number and Password to log in
  6. Complete E-job survey, then click “Enter”
  7. Verify student information, then click “Submit”
  8. Verify the student information again, then click “Enter”
  9. Graduation Registration Number will be displayed. Notify Graduation Registration Number to Office of Registrar
Remarks : For student who has not graduated but already registered for graduation, student is required to register again in the next semester.


KBU holds the annual commencement in a specified date arranged by the University. A member or a prestigious representative from the Revered Thai Royal Household comes to present the degrees. To get more information about the requirements, the procedures and the schedules of the commencement, the graduates can contact the Office of the Registrar.