Kasem Bundit University was founded after a series of educational establishment by a team of educational administrators with prior experiences in primary and secondary educational administration. In 1960, Kasem Phithaya School was established in 1960, offering classes from Prathom 1 to Matayom 6. Later on in 1968, Kasem Polytechnic College was founded, offering classes from Certificate in Vocational Education (Cert. Voc), Diploma in Vocational Education (Dip. Voc), and Diploma in Technology (Dip. Voc.), with various majors ranging from Business Administration, Accountancy, Management, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Secretarianship to Computer Science. With idealism and determination to take a further step in establishing tertiary education, they eventually founded “Kasem Bundit College” on February 24th, 1987.

In 1987, Kasem Bundit College offered Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration and in Laws with 97 students in the first year. With determination of university management to elevate education, they continuously offered more degrees in diverse field of education. In 1993, Ministry of Education in Thailand granted approval for “Kasem Bundit College” to be advance to “Kasem Bundit University”.

Currently, the University has a student body of more than 10,000 including over 500 graduate students and a high caliber full-time faculty supplemented by a large number of part-time instructors representing relevant business and industrial circles in addition to those from governmental sectors.

All programs offered at Kasem Bundit University are approved by Office of The Higher Education Commission in Thailand. Degrees conferred include bachelor degrees, master degree, and doctoral degree, both Thai programs (instructed in Thai) and International Program (instruct in English).


The University vigorously strives to bestow and illuminate the intellectual lives of prospective students on a path towards a promising future. Additionally, the University steadfastly performs the tasks of serving the nation and community, while preserving the national heritage and constructing as well as formulating bodies of knowledge. The University is therefore destined to produce graduates with

Values comprised of knowledge, learning and wisdom in addition to thinking and analytical skills
Virtues comprised of morality, conscience and respect for professional ethics
Worthiness comprised of dedication to societal development and improvement


“Kasem Bundit University is one of the top 10 private universities in Thailand.  The university has various innovations or academic outputs that are recognized nationally and internationally.  Additionally, the university focuses on producing graduates who are proactive practitioners as well as able to work and live in the 21 st century with strength and happiness”.

Kasem Bundit University is a private university with four missions, including to produce graduates, to initiate research, to render academic services for communities and society, and to promote cultural conservation. In order to accomplish these four missions, Kasem Bundit University intends to perform as follows:

  1. Kasem Bundit Univerity produces graduates by continual curriculum development, offering high-quality graduate and undergraduate education in order to meet the needs of society and to serve social and national changes. Meanwhile, expansion of the Romklao Campus serves the increase of educational growth of both local communities and society.
  2. 2. In terms of research, Kasem Bundit University has paid attention to the development of knowledge in order to bring quality research, including research to develop learning     management and research for the development of field knowledge. The university has assigned the missions of faculties and allowed students to study and seek knowledge through research, especially research development responding to the use of research results for community and social development. Concurrently, the university has attempted to create and develop our researchers by supporting the production of research for social development that will benefit the use of academics to improve teaching and learning quality.
  3. In terms of academic service to the community, Kasem Bundit University encourages faculty members, as well as students to integrate knowledge and skills to benefit community and social development. The university also promotes the academic collaboration of educational institutions as well as  private and public organizations.
  4. Regarding the arts and cultural nourishment, Kasem Bundit University gives it importance by arranging activities that correspond to national identity, according to the times of each event during the year. The aim of these activities is to focus on the development of the lifestyles of Thai people.

The university emblem and its meaning

The emblem of the University incorporates the form of a coat of arms consisting of a flaming torch with an academic cap. The arms are adorned with a laurel wreath on both sides and with ribbons of honors containing the name of the University inscribed in Thai and English.

The Meaning of the Emblem
The Meaning of the Emblem
The torch implies prosperous living
The flame implies the light of wisdom
The flaming torch implies the brilliant light leading towards a destination with virtues and thoughtful deeds
The academic cap implies the knowledge acquired through the processes of inculcation and self-exploration under professional guidance of instructors forming graduates instilled with learning and wisdom
The laurel wreath implies honor reminding graduates of the continuously sacrificed devotion glorifying and maintaining the honor and the reputation of the University for eternity
The Meaning of the Emblem of Happiness
The Meaning of the Emblem of Happiness

The sparkling circle with 8 jagged edges situated on the orange background, which is the University Color, represents the state of being “Kasem Society” or the “Happy People,” depicting the happy and refreshingly new generations of youth, who have the five qualifications that reflect the following individuality.

  1. Splashing: merriment; the ability to express oneself in a socially acceptable ways
  2. Sparking: the ignition of creativity
  3. Social Responsibility: sincerity; socially responsible and responsive to society
  4. Senses & Skills: reasonableness/rationality; having both intelligence and specific skills
  5. Striving: determination; being patient and earnest


Patanakarn Campus

Kasem Bundit University’s Pattanakarn Campus is on Pattanakarn Road, Suan Luang District, Bangkok Metropolitan, which is only about 2 kilometers from Ram Kamhaeng Airport Link. This higher education establishment is considered one of the most convenient locations in terms of students’ commute to the center of the Capital City.

In 1987 Kasem Bundit University erected the first building of 7 stories about 150 meters long, consisting of an administration office, classrooms, lecture rooms, laboratories, offices, meeting rooms, a student activity room, a recreation room, a chemistry lab, a news writing lab, a photography lab, a curtain storeroom, a dressing room for drama students, a drawing studio, a recording studio, a radio lab, and a TV lab. The building design was perfect for a well-balanced and pleasing environment.

In the School Year of 1988, Kasem Bundit University erected the second building of 8 stories about 180 meters long, consisting of the Art-Culture Center, offices of various faculties, a physics lab, an electrical lab, an electronic lab, a mechanical lab, an industrial mechanical lab, a technical production lab, a research lab, a civil engineering lab, a building material room, a picture printing lab, a drawing studio, classrooms, and a student social function room. In the School Year of 1991, Kasem Bundit University erected the third building of 10 stories, 200 meters long for classrooms of various faculties.

In the School Year of 1993, the University began erecting the fourth building of 10 stories. This building was given the name “Chalerm Prakiet Building”, by His Majesty the King. This name means “Commemorating Building” and it houses the President’s Office, the Administration offices, the Main Library, the Computer Center, the Registrar’s Office, the Finance Department, the Accounting Department, the Student Loan Office, the Public Relations Department, the Recruitment Section of the Human Resources Department, the Main Assembly Hall, a mid-sized meeting room, and a guest room.

Romklao Campus

In the School Year 2000 Kasem Bundit University expanded further to align with the educational policy of the Thai Government to meet the increasing needs of yearly student population growth by establishing another compus, Romklao, which covers the area of more than 100 rai on Romklao and Ramkamhaeng Roads. The main aim was to secure an area in a good environment to establish modern buildings fully equipped with learning facilities complete with convenient residents for students. This was considered one more important step of Kasem Bundit University in an effort to assist the Government as a provider of public educational services as well as to provide for a seat of learning for the Thai society as a whole. The University therefore started a new construction project by erecting a 12-story building with a total working space of more than 55,000 square meters.

In the School Year 2001, the 15-story administration building was erected on another area of more than 25,000 square meters to accommodate the President’s Office, the Main Library, the Registrar’s Office, the Finance Department, the Accounting Department, the Student Loan Office, the Public Relations Department, and the Recruitment Section of the Human Resources Department.

In the School Year 2003, the University erected another 12-story building to accommodate a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, the building headquarters, and an ample parking space which can accommodate 1,000 cars. In addition, there are five 12-story dormitories with 2,000 rooms to serve the students from all over the world. Moreover, the University has landscaped the campus with plenty of shrubbery and trees, adding beauty and cool shades to the whole campus as well as many kinds of sports facilities so that the students can obtain quality relaxation and at the same time gain both knowledge and skills from modern learning materials and state-of-the-art instruction.

Board of Trustee

The board of trustee is comprised 12 members.

University Administrators


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