Aviation Industry Management (BBA)
(International Program)

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation Industry Management Program (BBA) (International Program) is designed to unquestionably deliver top quality education in both business and aviation to undergraduates. The program provides its students with academic knowledge, skill and functional applications in both business and aviation in order to serve the ever-growing global aviation industry. Graduates will be well-equipped to qualify and succeed in their chosen careers in aviation and its related industries which they will play a vital role in propelling to the new and innovative era.

The 4-years program is designed to encourage students to

  • Gain an insight in all levels of airline business management
  • Find solution to airline business problems and redesign the plan to enhance business outcome.
  • Hold strong management abilities and critical thinking skills.
  • Creatively develop strategies in response to today’s dynamic airline business environment

Area of study

  • Crew Resource Management in Aviation Industry
  • Aviation Safety and Security
  • Service Management in Aviation Industry
  • Aircraft and Flight Theory
  • Airline Management
  • Airport Operations and Management
  • Flight Operations Management
  • Air Cargo Marketing and Sales

Career Opportunities

  • Flight Attendance
  • Flight Ticketing service
  • Nutrition and Airline Catering
  • Cargo staff
  • Cabin crew
  • Government officer or staff relating to airline industry
  • Marketer
  • Client executive
  • Human resource management officer of airline business

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