English for Communication (BA)
(International Program)

Bachelor of Arts in English for Communication (BA) (International Program) was established with the aim to advance students with English proficiency skill for global communication. The program offers students opportunities in gaining more educational experience through Cooperative Education, which leads students to succeed in the real-world involvement at international schools or international companies. The program is also geared toward preparing students to be not only ASEAN citizens, but also world citizens, ready for global competition.

 The 4-years program is designed to encourage students to

  • Gain an insight in English for communication
  • Hold strong management abilities and critical thinking skills in applying English in diverse area of business sectors.
  • Creatively develop and design communication strategies in response to today’s dynamic business environment

Area of study

  • Advance of English for Communication skills
  • Translation
  • English for Hotel and Tourism
  • Curriculum and Course Design
  • Educational Technology and Material Preparation
  • Mice Events Management
  • Exhibitions and Special Events

Career Opportunities

  • Translator
  • Public Relation Officer
  • Staff in Hotel and Tourism Industry
  • English Teacher
  • Marketer
  • Account Executive

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