Bachelor of Science
in Digital Technology Innovation(B.Sc.)

The 4-year program is designed to encourage students to

  • Find solution to business problems and critically analyze and redesign to streamline and optimize business process.
  • Gain an insight in all levels from computer architecture, operating system and programming language to large application systems.
  • Hold strong computer science skills and management abilities.
  • Creatively develop computer system in response to today’s dynamic business environment.

 Areas of study

  • Advanced knowledge of programming language (Java, C++, and PHP)
  • Database design and management
  • Computer networks
  • Computer architecture
  • Operating systems
  • Computer-base system design and development
  • Software engineering and mobile application
  • Programming and web development

Career Opportunities

  • Database administrator
  • Network/Computer system administrator
  • Network architect
  • Computer programmer
  • Information system analyst
  • System analyst
  • Data communications analyst
  • Programmer analyst (Software analysis and design)
  • Computer support specialist
  • Technical salesperson

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