Advising Information

Meet With Your Advisor

  • Check your progress for program completion on registrar’s system.
  • Notify your advisor of any sports or work hours in which you will be participating.
  • Discuss your grades with your advisor. Specify your academic strengths and weakness and discuss them with your advisor.
  • Discuss career goals with your advisor.
  • Acknowledge that Departments require a 2.00 GPA (“C”) or higher for graduation.
  • Establish a good relationship with your advisor—advisors are ready to help you, but you must ask for the help. It never hurts to just stop by your advisor’s office for a few minutes sometime during the semester just to say “hello.”
  • When you graduate, you may need to ask your advisor(s) for a good letter of recommendation. Start forming a relationship with your advisors early in your college career so they can write a terrific letter for you.