Qualification Requirements

  1. Completed High School or its equivalent (see qualification equivalent) with at least a 2.00 GPA
  2. Proficient in English communication
    1. Obtained TOEFL score at least 41 (IBT) or IELTS score at least 4.00 or its equivalent. Or
    2. Completed high school from program with English as medium of instruction. Or
    3. Obtained KBU English Test score at least 50. Or
    4. Be a citizen of country with English as official language.

Remarks: Applicants fail to meet determined English proficient criteria must complete 30 hours of the Intensive English Course.

3. Applicant for master degree must completed bachelor degree.

Required documents

  1. Admission application (download admission application)
  2. An original and a photocopy of high school diploma and transcript
    1. An original and certified translation of high school diploma and transcript for non-English education credential
    2. An original and validated high school diploma and transcript for school in China (see detail)
  3. An original and a photocopy of Identification Card or passport
  4. Photocopy of police clearance certificate (only for applicant from Africa region)
  5. Photocopy of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) (Only for Nigerian applicant)
  6. For transfer applicants,
    1. Transcripts of previous university
    2. Course description of transferring courses (obtain at least grade C or 60% of transferring course)
  7. For master degree applicants,
    1. Bachelor degree transcript and certificate

Remarks: Admission letter for student VISA will be issued upon arrival or under admissions committee discretion.

Important dates and deadlines

  • Begins of semester 1: Mid-June
  • Begins of semester 2: The 1st week of November
  • Begins of summer session: Mid-April (for freshmen)
  • Intake deadline of semester 1: The end of June
  • Intake deadline of semester 2: Mid-November
  • Intake deadline of summer session: Mid-April

Tuition fees

  • The tuition and fee for the whole undergraduate program is approximately THB 288,000 (THB 72,000 a year for the 4-years¬† program). The tuition and fee for 2-year graduate program is approximately THB 275,000.

Education Equivalent Verification

Undergraduate programs

Applicant for undergraduate program are require to submit transcript and certificate of high school education or its equivalent to reigistrar office along with education institution contact information for verification. Without verification of high school completion, student may not graduate. The process may take up to a year depends on the documents and previous institution.

The M6/high school Diploma name may diverse among countries (see list of high school diploma name ). Certificate from accredited institute can also be applied (see conditions for each certificate e.g. GED, GEC).

Graduate program

Applicant for master degree are required to submit the documents at Ministry of Education in Thailand to verify student completion of high school from previous institution.

Required documents for Foreign Educational Standard Equivalent are

  1. Fee charge 500 Baht (No refund in any cases) (Only curriculum of International School in
  2. Thailand has fee 300 Baht)
  3. Original and 2 photocopies of Important Certificate
  4. Original and a photocopy of Transcript
  5. Original and a photocopy of Translation of Certificate (Except English Certificate)
  6. Original and a photocopy of Certificate/A letter from last school in Thailand (If any)
  7. 2 inches of 2 photos with front view taken within the last 6 months. Dark glasses and hat are unacceptable.
  8. Original and a photocopy of valid passport
  9. Original and a photocopy of Name/Surname change Certificate (if any)


  1. Any official document with other languages must be translated into English.
  2. Any photocopy of document must be certified as true with your signature.
  3. The confirmation Letter of your graduation and any official documents of your school must be sent directly from your school to the address below:

    Bureau of Education Communication
    Ministry of Education
    Rachadamnoen Nok Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand

Contact us

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Tel: +66(2) 904 – 2223

Mailing Address:

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