Academic information

What language is the medium of the instruction?

At Kasem Bundit University, we offer courses in Thai Programs (Thai language as a medium of instruction) and International Programs (English language as a medium of instruction). See International Programs.

What is academic term at KBU and when do semester start?

Kasem Bundit University operates in semester system. Academic year is divided into two semesters and one summer session. Each semester lasts 16 weeks and summer session lasts 8 weeks.

Semester 1 : Mid June – September

Semester 2 : November – February

Summer session : March – May

What coursework are available?

Approximately, courses are available on the system for registration one month before semester begins. See available course on the system (Choose “English” version and “Course -class”).

However, you may see available courses of each semester in Study Plan of each program. See International Programs.

What is credit system at KBU?

The course credit is in Semester Credit Hours. Semester Credit hour is a contact hour per week that includes lecture and lab time. Each semester lasts 16 weeks. Hence, 1 credit hour is 15-16 contact hours per semester. Most courses are 3 credit hours so the course is held 3 hours a week for 16 weeks. Students tend to enroll 5-7 courses per semester.

What is course evaluation and grading system at KBU?

What are dress code regulations for student uniform?

Male student
1. White shirt (tucked in neatly).
2. University necktie worn properly.
3. Black or dark blue trousers.
4. Black or dark brown belt with University buckle.
5. Black leather shoes (Dark color shoes are acceptable).

Female student
1. White blouse (tucked in neatly) with university pin.
2. Knee length or Floor length black skirt.
3. University buttons.
4. Black or dark brown belt with university buckle.
5. Black closed – shoes (Dark color closed shoes are acceptable).

Trousers or skirts made from Jean material; corduroy or velvet is not allowed.
Slippers are not allowed.


What are university regulations during your stay?

Life at KBU

What are restrictions in holding the visa?

International students are required to

  • request for Visa at Royal Thai Embassy (Choose the country)
  • hold non-immigration visa with education type (Non-ED)(see visa type changing )
  • report to the Immigration Bureau officer in-person every 90 days (See 90 Days Report )
  • monitor visa expiration date and extend the visa accordingly (See Visa Extension )
  • submit a request for Re-Entry Permit at Immigration Bureau before leaving Thailand (See Re-Entry Visa )
  • contact landlord to report your (temporary) stay to Immigration Bureau within 24 hours after checked in.
  • submit documents at Ministry of Education for equivalent their high school/bachelor degree to that of education system in Thailand (see Education Equivalent )

Checklist of your stay

Registration, Class Attendance, and examination

  1. Obtain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 in order to be eligible for the visa extension.
  2. Obtain at least 80% of class attendance of all courses registered of the present semester in order to be eligible for the visa extension.
  3. Secure Student ID card, Registrar System Account, and Internet Access Account
  4. Monitor course enrollment period, including adding and withdrawing period
  5. Contact advisor for course enrollment
  6. Monitor the deadline of tuition payment (fine is applied and no seat for final exam)
  7. Check for the examination date, venue, time, seat number of each course on Registrar Office website (choose study time table option) a week prior to exam period
  8. Login to Registrar Office website for checking progress of my program completion
  9. Monitor the verification progress of my high school diploma (for student who expected the degree).
  10. Monitor the graduation registration period and register for graduation.


  1. Pay the rental fee within the 5th of every month (the bill will be available in the 25th of the month)
  2. Notify Office of Residential Hall 30 days prior to the move out date


  1. Submit all required documents pertaining to educational qualification for admission.
  2. Report any change of address, phone number, email, to the University within 3 days of the residing at the new address or acquire new contact information.
  3. Report to the International Student Office of the University with passport after renewal visa, obtain new passport, 90 days report
  4. Report to the Office of Immigration Bureau for 15 days prior to the 90th day of staying in the Kingdom of Thailand or 7 days after such period. (90 days report)
  5. Submit passport to the International Affairs Office of the University for the visa extension at least one month prior to expiration date.
  6. Submit a request for Re-Entry Permit at Immigration Bureau before leaving Thailand
  7. Ask landlord to notify my stay to the immigration Bureau within 24 hours after I check in to hotel, other residents, or return to dorm.
  8. Submit the necessary form (s) at least 1 month prior to the date of the requested termination of the visa upon a completion of program of study.

What are Holidays in Thailand?

What is the official currency of the Kingdom of Thailand?

Thai Baht (THB).

How to request for airport pick up service?

For new arrival, you should e-mail to oia@localhost one week before your arrival date specifying your name, flight number, and arrival time. We will send the confirmation of service to you.

What is health insurance policy that we offer to international students?

International student should apply for health insurance either in the home country
or in Thailand. In case that you interest to apply for health insurance in Thailand, Thai
Health Insurance Public Company Limited offers Health Insurance for Inpatient
Hospitalization (IPD) coverage with annual fee approximately THB 3,500.

Interested contact
Office of International Affairs
2nd floor, Building 1, Romklao Campus, Kasem Bundit University

What scholarships and financial aid we offer?

What are the convenient places around the campus?

Shopping :

  • Supermarket and Community mall is 10 minutes walking distance.
  • Minburi Fresh Market is 5 minutes driving distance.
  • Fashion Island Department Store is 20 minute driving distance.
  • The Mall Bang Kapi Department Store is 20 minute driving distance.

Health Care Service :

  • Health Care Service on campus is available at classroom building and at residential hall.
    • Nurse office at Kasem Nakara Building (Classroom Building): Monday – Saturday from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm (Medical doctor available from 12 am – 1 pm)
    • Nurse office at residential hall (Building C): 24/7
  • Seriruk Hospital and Navamin 9 Hospital are 10-15 minutes driving distance.

Place of Worship :

  • Mosques, Churches, and temples are 5 minutes driving distance.

Bangkok Commute :

  • Bus, taxi, and shared taxi are always available at the front of the campus.
  • Inter-campus shuttle between Patanakarn Campus and Romklao Campus are available for free of charge. See Schedule.
  • Lad Kra Bang station of airport rail link is 10 minute driving distance from Romklao campus.
  • Min Buri Station of Orange Line and Pink Line is 10 minutes walking distance from Romklao campus.

How to gets around Bangkok & Thailand?

Bangkok Commute

Buses in Bangkok are featured in variety of options including with a/c, without a/c, public company, private company. Hence, the fare are diverse depends on the options. The fare range is 9 – 35 THB.

Taxis in Bangkok are featured with meter. Hence, the fare starts at 35 THB and added up depends on the distance.

Riding on Tuk Tuk is truly a unique experience for tourist to get around Bangkok. The fare depends on the distance and bargaining between driver and tourist.

Minibus (Sawng –Thaew)
“Sawng-Thaew” is a shared taxi that serves in a certain route in short distance. The fare range is 5 -15 THB.

Motorcycle Taxi
The convenient way to travel in congested traffic. The driver ware orange waistcoat with number in the back. They station in the area that closed to Sky Train/Subway station and the entrance to the side street (“Soi”). They serve for short distance. The fare depends on the distance and bargaining between driver and customer.

A public van that serve as a shared taxi in a certain route. The fare range is 20 – 30 THB depends on the distance.

Sky Train (BTS), Subway (MRT), Airport Rail link
The convenient way to travel in congested traffic. These 3 options serve different route in Bangkok. The fare range is 15 – 60 THB depends on the distance. Airport rail link serves in 2 options; city line and express line (direct Route to/from the airport). See the rapid transit map.

River and canal is around the city. This option is another alternative to avoid congested traffic during rush hours. Chao Phraya Express boat serve in 4 options with different color of flag (no-flag, orange, green, yellow) depends on the station that they serve. The fare range is 10 – 40 THB.

Travel around Thailand

Both domestic Airport and International Airport are available around Thailand. International Airport are

  • Don Mueang International Airport
  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport
  • Chiang Mai International Airport
  • Mae Fah Luang International Airport , Chiang Rai
  • Phuket International Airport
  • Hat Yai International Airport
  • Krabi International Airport
  • Surat Thani International Airport
  • Udon Thani International Airport
  • Ubon Ratchathani International Airport

The train station located in various attractions around Thailand. It serves in diverse options. For instance, Special Express, Express, Inter city, Excursion, Ordinary, Bangkok Commuter, Rural Commuter.

Coach Bus
3 transport stations are available in Bangkok depends on the destination region; Northern & North-eastern region (MorChit Bus Station), Eastern region (Ekamai Bus Station), and Southern (Southern Bus Terminal; “Sai-Tai-Mai”)

A public van that serve as a shared taxi in a certain route to attraction in upcountry.

Campus Life